Different types of fostering placements

There are a number of different placement types available, depending on the needs of each child. Foster carers are usually approved to offer several kinds of placements. We will help you decide what works best for you.

Long-term fostering

Many children who enter care are unable to return home for various reasons and require long-term care until they are ready to live independently. This type of placement is often used when the child cannot be adopted due to age or because they do not wish to be.

Short-term fostering

Some children need to be looked after for a brief period of time. It could mean caring for them for a few days or a few years, depending on their specific needs. The child may need a short-term placement until circumstances allow them to return home or until they move on to another placement.

Emergency placements

A child might need somewhere safe to stay for just a few nights. This will normally be needed immediately so that children can quickly be taken out of dangerous or harmful situations.

Parent & child fostering

This type of placement involves looking after a parent with their young child. While the parent is usually the mother, we are increasingly finding that both parents ask to be placed with their child. The carer will provide the parent(s) with guidance on parenting and contribute towards assessments to inform the local authorities on childcare skills and needs.

Respite fostering

Respite involves a child staying with another foster carer while their own carer has a short break for a few days or sometimes longer. Our full-time foster carers can provide respite care if they have a vacancy between placements.

Unaccompanied asylum-seeking children

Children claiming asylum or ‘sanctuary seeking’ have typically been separated from their families, having travelled from countries in dire situations. They may have limited English and cultural differences so it’s helpful if carers have some experience of this themselves. However, this is not essential.

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