What is Fostering?

You can make a positive and lasting difference to a child’s life.

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Why do children need to be fostered?

Fostering is when a child or young person is placed with a foster carer because they are unable to continue living at home with their own family. There are several reasons why a child is taken into care. There may be issues within their family, such as illness or family breakdown. The child may need to be protected from neglect or abuse.

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How you can help

Every child has their own distressing experiences and it is the foster carers role to provide them with a safe environment so that they have the best chance of a more positive future.

Such a child may display some challenging behaviours as a result of their experiences. They are likely to feel even more distressed at being separated from their family. We will help you gain a better understanding of why they deal with issues in ways that may seem destructive, so you can recognise the best way to support them.

Being a patient and compassionate foster carer helps the child in your care to understand the difficulties of their past. In doing so, you can make a real difference to their life.

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